Romy Balvers is a talented singer-songwriter and pianist. She has years of professional experience in performing and recording in New York, collaborating with artists such as Allen Harris, Pascal Le Boeuf, Leon Boykins, Jake Goldbas, Alex Sterling, Michael Dilala, John Agnello, Paul Garisto, Armand Hirsch, and Eve Cornelious. She has recorded her music in various studios, including Volver Studios, Hirsch Studios, Precision Sound Studios, Michiko Studios, and many more. During her time in New York, Romy released two albums, ‘Midtown’ and ‘Amsterdam Avenue.’ Two years ago, she moved back to Amsterdam, where she is currently in the process of producing a new EP/album as part of a trilogy about her life in New York City and Amsterdam. 

Romy has performed at several prestigious venues in New York City, including Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, Pianos, The Bowery Electric, The Metropolitan Room, The Shrine, The Delancey, and many more. This year, she has started performing small intimate gigs at Dutch venues such as De Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam, Popei in Eindhoven, and Tivoli Rabo Open Stage in Utrecht.